Something Fishy This Way Comes *

Just catching up on the news can be defeating and take a well-planned day and let it loose to skitter off like a leaf succumbing to a fall wind. I am learning to do some very specific and essential things for spiritual reasons. I have found that for the past year, since tRump’s election, I have experienced a vague sense of paralysis. But here’s the thing:

At the beginning of the year, I charged out on 2017 with fire in my bones. I was so furious with the 2016 election that the only safe outlet was my work. With this sparks-in-the-presence-of-gas energetic focus, I made huge strides forward in tapestry weaving, I read everything I could get my hands on, trying to figure out how I could get from what is in my head to an interpretive tapestry. This includes taking another online class in Botanical Drawing (Drawing in Color), ever in pursuit of internalized understanding of color and composition. And I am still at it (and will be for many years to come), but my point here is that the reason has shifted.

Before, making beautiful and functional things was a choice – more than a hobby, but still a choice. Now, it is survival. With the daily hammering of the relentless geopolitical skirmish in the hands of a few for “Having the Most”, the world is suffering. Focusing on my work is how I make sense of the fallout.

For me, the balancing act of being informed and allowing for creative space is becoming a deliberate act of self-preservation and -cultivation. Staying connected to the source of my person, to the things that I care about dictates everything in my life. With every action, every word, I work to fuel not only myself and my focus, but the change I want to see in the world.

∗ My latest sample of a new technique (pick and pick) from my tapestry course. My instructor, Rebecca Mezoff, liked it so much she asked permission to include it in the course description on her website. (If you scroll down, you will see that something fishy this way comes.) This was, and is, enormously encouraging and fun.

For interest’s sake: Artist work habits

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged.


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